Exploring Eurovelo 8

in La Provence Verte

Immersive, Slow Cycling from Meyrargues to Les Arcs

The EV8 runs 4500 km from Cadiz to Athens.

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Train des Pignes

EuroVelo 8 in Provence will, once it is completed, consist essentially of a converted railway line, the Train des Pignes. The line ran from Meyrargues in the west, where it joined the then main line to Avignon and the north, to Draguignan, and then on to Nice in the east.

The history of the railway line that now hosts EuroVelo 8 is relatively short. Conceived in 1886, and built between 1887 and 1896, the line lasted for little more than half a century. The initial idea for a railway line in Central Var was formulated in the so-called Freycinet plan, named after Charles De Freycinet, minister for Public Works, in 1879. This plan envisaged a line from Nice to Mirabeau, 16 kilometres north east of Meyrargues. But after a feasibility study was carried out in 1882/3, this was quickly changed to Meyrargues.