Who Is The EV8 For?

For most people, a cyclist is a cyclist. Anyone riding a bike is lumped together under the collective identity of cycling. On one level this is confirmed when we are out cycling in a country or region where cyclists are relatively scarce. Very often we wave to each other as we pass in an act of mutual recognition. In fact, there are many types of cyclist, each requiring very different needs. 

Our Slow Cycling Articles

What Makes a Great Cycleway?

It is widely recognised that, if we want to encourage more people to cycle, attractive, good quality cycleways need to be built. But what exactly do we mean by "good quality"?

Cycle Parking

A guide for local restaurants, hotels, chambres d’hôtes, shops, markets and any other public areas. Bike Parking is an issue, that is constantly underrated. But for cyclists it is essential. They avoid a market or a restaurant, if they...

Utility Cycling

“Utility cycling encompasses any cycling done simply as a means of transport rather than as a sport or leisure activity. It is the original and most common type of cycling in the world.” - David Herlihy (2004) Bicycle: the History A key aim...

The Aims of EuroVelo 8

Under-funded and under-appreciated, EuroVelo 8 is nevertheless a beacon that shines in the darkness of the climate crisis. It could promote sustainable tourism and encourage people to get out of their cars.

Slow Cycling

Who Is EuroVelo 8 for? In a nutshell: The EV8 is for all of us - utility cyclists, leisure cyclists, backpack cyclists, sports cyclists and pedestrians. For most people, a cyclist is a cyclist. Anyone riding a bike is lumped together under...

Bike and Bite

We meet at the Pont de Garbelle, between Pontevès and Barjols, and ride east or west to a restaurant, a café or just to enjoy the scenery. Cycling, food, drink - Bike and Bite - our fun cycling group. Local cycling on Eurovelo8 Here in...