Over on the Place Capitaine Vincens, outside the Mairie de Barjols, are three small restaurants with very different menus. Verte Fontaine, who serve some great salads, Popote et Tambouille, who’s speciality is home-made hamburgers, and Chez Chiffon, who serve a fixed menu that changes from week to week. It serves Italian, French, Indian, Moroccan, and other international food. You get what you get depending on the week you visit.  Also in Barjols is the restaurant in the local hotel, Le Pont d’Or. When others close for winter, Pont d’Or is always there. Traditional family-run French restaurant at reasonable prices.

Cycle parking in Barjols is conspicuous by its absence. The central area has just been tarted up at great expense, roads resurfaced etc. But still cyclists have to use a lamp post or railing to lock their bikes. In most cases you can just park your bike outside where you are eating.