As the EV8 in our area transitions from disused railway to pristine cycleway, provisional routes have been put in place that follow existing road infrastructure. Just 32 kilometres, from Salernes to Flayosc, have been officially completed.

Motor traffic on the provisional route east of Varages

Two Kilometres Longer

The stretches west of Salernes are next, with surfaces already prepared as far west as Varages. We recommend that you use these now. 

But to give you an idea of the provisional alternative, we filmed the signed route from Varages to Barjols. This uses the main road between the villages for much of the way, with a short detour along a back lane. The route adds over two kilometres to the journey, and involves more gradients than the railway route.

The provisional route rejoins the railway route at the Gervasoni boulangerie.



Watch our video…..

View the unedited video of the full route here.